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Buy your metal prestochangeo card in either black or gold. Wait about a week for it arrive in the mail.


Prestochangeo cards start their lives as regular Toronto transit cards (included free), they have the same brain and pay, load and register exactly the same way.


You can load your presotchangeo card like a normal transit card - either link it to your credit card to auto-load or use the fare loading machines in the subway station. 

Our design process covers the original card back - and therefore the original serial number which you need to set up auto-load.  Don't worry, we ship your prestochangeo card with the original serial number - if you have any issues just shoot us an email!


You're off to the races! Remember - just like a metal credit card the tap can't penetrate through the metal front, so always tap metal side facing you and away from the reader.

But If...

Your prestochangeo card started it's life as a standard Toronto transit card, it retains all the circuitry and is as legitimate as a normal boring card.


When you present your card to prove you paid your fare the card will register properly (tap metal side facing you, away from the reader!).


If anyone starts poking around, the vinyl cover on the back of the card can be carefully removed to show the original info underneath and then reapplied.

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